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        PAEP Phi Logo

        NGO Member
        of Forum UNESCO
        and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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        Activities & Initiatives

        "The capacity for developing ideas for science and innovation, in the context of also advancing greater international understanding and cooperation, depends on a society's knowledge resources and the will to utilize them. Access to quality, internationally relevant education is central to the success and quality of life of Canadians in the 21st century.

        Direct investment in the future of young women and men, through the continual strengthening of our educational, cultural and scientific foundation, is the key for sustained social competence, a stronger workforce, and sound economic progress in a rapidly changing world.

        Facing the challenges of the 21st century by planning a sustainable future at home and through international joint ventures is crucial for the long-term economic growth of Canadian industry, the well-being of our society, the international community, and the success of future generations."

        From Mission Statement - Minding Our Future

        PAEP activities and initiatives consist of the following:

        The primary objectives are:

        Preparing youth for the challenges in the increasingly knowledge-based and interdependent world of the 21st century.

        Advancing not only a scientific-technological, but also an environmentally and inter-culturally literate human resource base.

        Fostering a new transdisciplinary educational and cultural dialogue that more effectively increases public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the significance of:

        • The sciences and innovation
        • Research and development
        • The development and engineering of new technologies
        • The environment and sustainable development

        as an integral part of our education and culture.

        To accomplish this, PAEP's innovative, youth-focused programs under the theme, "Exploring New Ways of Knowing - the Sciences and Humanities, Values and Society," establish important transdisciplinary linkages with the humanities, the branches of learning that sustain creativity, social thought, ethics and the values we rely upon as a society, especially: history, philosophy, literature, the arts, and the cognitive and social sciences.

        This key transdisciplinary program design serves to:

        • Inspire greater awareness and interest in the sciences, innovation and technology
        • Place the societal significance of science in a better perspective
        • Deepen perception and creative thinking for science
        • Anchor the principles that build and strengthen international understanding and cooperation
        • Promote excellence in science

        Program contributors are scholars and educators, scientists and engineers of national and international distinction, representing advanced education, the humanities and social sciences, as well as public life and industry. Their progressive ideas, scientific, cultural and social thought for the world and future generations help build and advance constructive dialogue towards universal values and action for sustainable development.

        As speakers, members of the Advisory Council and contributors to the Canadian International Youth Letter they share their knowledge and experience. They help build linkages, networks and partnerships across Canada and the international community.

        PAEP programs and initiatives provide the opportunity for students (high school, college, university) and educators (teachers, guidance counselors, student teachers, parents), and the general public to:

        • Access the world of the new sciences and emerging technologies, and prepare for the 21st century by linking innovative ideas to new knowledge for new skills and careers
        • Share their commitment to working for a sustainable world community and to building a better future

        Additional information:

        A message from the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson and the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien.

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