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        PAEP Phi Logo

        NGO Member
        of Forum UNESCO
        and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

        Mission Statement

        About PAEP


        Activities & Initiatives
        Canadian International Youth Forums (ScienceSpheres)

        International Youth Network for the Advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Global Bioethics (IYNet)

        Canadian International
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        A Global Perspective

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        PAEP Contributors

        In Memoriam


        "The capacity for developing ideas for science and innovation, in the context of also advancing greater international understanding and cooperation, depends on a society’s knowledge resources and the will to utilize them. Access to quality, internationally relevant education is central to the success and quality of life of Canadians in the 21st century."

        From PAEP Mission Statement – Minding Our Future


        On behalf of the many students, educators, parents and the general public who benefit from our programs, it is an honour and privilege to express sincere appreciation to the speakers and members of the Advisory Council for their innovative contributions to the activities and initiatives of the Public Awareness Education Programs for youth. They are key in advancing PAEP's objectives.

        Their scientific, cultural and social ideas for the world and future generations help build our linkages, networks and partnerships across Canada and the international community.


        We wish to express our sincere appreciation to:

        • Human Resources Development Canada
        • Natural Resources Canada ,
        • for providing key start-up funding for the first framework of the Youth Association for the Advancement of Science, Innovation and Technology (YAASIT/SciberLink), an innovative project for youth to access the world of the new sciences and emerging technologies, and prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

        Partners in Education and Organizations of a Similar Mandate

        We wish to express our thanks to all, particularly,

        • The University of Toronto
        • The Ontario Science Centre ,
        • for providing steadfast foundational and far-sighted partnership support of PAEP's activities and initiatives, especially for the pioneering Canadian International Youth Forums and the establishment of the Youth Association for the Advancement of Science, Innovation and Technology Project (YAASIT/SciberLink).

        • The representatives of Boards of Education, Universities and Community Colleges who participate and encourage students, parents and the community to take part in PAEP's activities and initiatives.

        Special thanks to PAEP Directors:

        • Ulrich J. Krull, Professor of Analytical Chemistry, and AstraZeneca Chair in Biotechnology, Vice-Principal: Research.

          We are fortunate to have the benefit of University Professor Ulli Krull's professional capabilities of developing new knowledge, as well as his dynamic contributions and efforts to motivate Canadian youth. They are instrumental in advancing PAEP's objectives and winning greater influence for science, youth and their future.
        • Hans F. Schweinsberg, founder and president of PAEP, provides steadfast continuity, maintaining the concept, quality and integrity of PAEP's activities and initiatives. He keeps educational liaison between universities, boards of education, teachers, students, and the public at large, nationally and internationally. Since the programs' inception in 1979, and as a member of Forum UNESCO and UNEP, he is committed to PAEP's objectives and has dedicated his resources to achieve the long-term goals, which are reflected in the Mission Statement "Minding Our Future."
        • Yianni Y. Tong, Photographer, Yianni Tong Photography

          As linguist and past president of the former RCI Youth Science Academy, Yianni Y. Tong, a longstanding, essential PAEP advisor and web administrator, coined the word ScienceSphere and created the idea of SciberLink, a science telecommunications tool to advance PAEP's project, the Youth Association for the Advancement of Science, Innovation and Technology.
        • John G. Wheeler, Associate, Hatch Associates Ltd.

          As a professional engineer, metallurgist and world traveler, John Wheeler develops ideas and keeps a critical eye on our program design strategies.
        • Matei Zaharia, Web programmer, PAEP

          After arriving in Canada from Romania in 1995, Matei Zaharia, now a student at the University of Waterloo, is contributing his important computer science knowledge and advice.

        We wish to express our thanks for the distinguished contributions of:

        • Alan Bates, Graphics Consultant
        • Gilbert Bélisle, Certified Translator, OTTIAQ
        • Mike Hardy, Printing Consultant
        • Darryl Sibley, Chartered Accountant
        • Sunny Tse, I.T. Professional
        • Otakar Urban,P.Eng., Photographer
        • Jean Wheeler, M.L.S., Librarian/Indexer
        • Frank Wheeler, Ph.D., P.Eng., Special Advisor
        • Volunteers, who are key to the programs' success.

        Reference Links

        A message from the Rt. Hon. Lester B. Pearson and the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien.

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